i'm comin


B.Bear was the first person to register on rhymetorrents.com, a move that has been widely criticized for over a decade. Despite anything resembling dedication or talent, he moved to Orlando in 2006 and helped grow the nerdcore scene through his work with Emergency Pizza Party. This was also seen as a bad move.

Regardless, this garnered him reasonable amounts of local fame and a legacy of having "the most fun shows in the scene." He has performed with everyone you could probably think of in the nerdcore universe, at places like Florida Music Festival, Nerdapalooza, and that one really weird venue that was basically just a garage and a port-a-potty.

Once that scene pretty much died, B.Bear went away for a while to tend to his collection of garden gnomes and small children. He got better at cooking and rapping, and he's way more chill.

Now he's back to make more music or whatever.